Environmental Policy Statement

It is the policy of B&E Weatherseal to undertake its work accordance with the relevant statutory provisions on environmental management and control using best practicable methods outlined in the relevant codes and standards.

All necessary controls will be put in place to control the environmental aspects of the company’s activities.

The prevention of pollution is one of the prime objectives to be achieved by the company.

It is recognized that the management has a key responsibility for ensuring adequate environmental controls and to this end the principles of effective environmental management shall be a part of other management functions.

The managing director has ultimate responsibility for implementing this policy. However the day to day management of environmental issues is delegated to site supervision who are expected to implement duty of care.

This statement will be brought to the attention of all employees, suppliers, and sub contractors used by the company.

This policy will be reviewed annually and republished every two years.


The company is aware of its duty of care with regards to waste and the environment and will comply with clients and principal contractor’s procedures relating to waste disposal and the Duty of Care.

If the company is responsible for the removal of waste from site, copies of all waste transfer notes will be handed to the principal contractor for inclusion in the health and safety file.


David Catchpole
Managing Director

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